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What gear do we use?


Against The Cold Gear

A little bit of everything.

We pretty much use the same gear for rehearsals and live shows. In the studio we may add some gear for a certain sound.

For now, we're using a Jackson guitar with EMGs into an EVH 5150 III head. That goes into a modded 2x12 Marshall cab with Celestion V30's.

On bass we're using either a 5-String Yamaha or P-Bass into the Gallien-Krueger 1001RB into a Gallien-Kreuger 4x10.

DW Drums

Drums are a 2001 DW Collector's Series with Zildjian A-Custom Cymbals, Pearl Redline Eliminator Pedals and Gibralter racking. Snare is a Black Beauty.

For vocals we're running a Telefunken M81 into a Universal Audio Apollo X4 to use the low latency effects and then to some cheap Behringer floor speakers and Mackie Thumps.

We're also using the X4 to record rehearsals when we come up with a new idea or song in the moment.

Shrapnel Sound Studio

In the studio we're running a couple Apollo X8P's and X4 and recording straight to Universal Audio Luna or Pro Tools.

Mic choice is Audix D6 on kick, D2's and D4 on toms, Beyerdynamic M201 on snare, Shure KSM32's on overheads (or possibly switching to UA SP-1) Townsend Labs Sphere on room mic, and sometimes a Telefunken TF11 on close room mic (kick+snare).

Keyboard/synth/drum beats are usually Native Instruments and Omnishphere.

Against The Cold will be documenting their productions during recording and will be uploaded to various social sites so be sure to subscribe!






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