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Inspiration and style

Against The Cold

Each artist has their own inspiration and style they bring to the group. Let's take a closer look.



Genre is best categorized as Hard Rock or Modern Rock. We also like to implement other styles into our music. For example, we'll have some hip-hop elements in certain parts of a song (such as a drum beat, piano or synth line) and then switch to live drums and rocking guitars.

We are experimenting a lot this time around. In most of the bands we've been in you write a song, produce it and record it and that's it. We have a bunch of new ideas to implement and will be experimenting a lot in the studio. For the moment, we come up with ideas or free-style at practice until we find something we like and then start recording scratch tracks. Once the scratch tracks are down we can really start to evaluate what we have and begin building the elements of the song.

We want it to be fun, first and foremost. We also want it to be different than your usual "insert rock/metal genre here" and not stick to one sound. However, at the same time being consistent with an overall "theme" and "style" to the music.


Nicolas Carter

Nicolas Carter

Favorite Bands: Journey, Bad Company, Van Halen, The Gap Band, and Skid Row.

Inspiration: Corey Taylor, Lane Staley, Paul Rogers, Vinnie Paul, and Joey Jordison.


Stephen Shatzer

Stephen Shatzer

Favorite Bands: Pantera, Asking Alexandria, Mudvayne, Bone-Thugs, and Pearl Jam.

Inspiration: Matthew McDonough, Matt Greiner, Danny Worsnop, and NF.


Dustin Miller

Dustin Miller

Favorite Bands and Inspiration: Buckethead, Adam Jones, Dino Cazares, Wes Borland, and Kirk Hammett


Mike Helmbeck

Mike Helmbeck

Favorite Bands and Inspiration: Nirvana, Metallica, The Cure, Tool, The Doors, Pantera, and Jimi Hendrix.


Against The Cold will be documenting their productions during recording and will be uploaded to various social sites so be sure to subscribe!






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