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Meet the band

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

*Updated 12/21/22

Against The Cold Band

Against The Cold Band Members:

Nick Carter

Nick Carter (Vocals)

Nick has been in several bands such as Monoxide Project, Drop Dead Syndicate, as well as his solo project "Carter". Mostly as a drummer but a talented singer as well. You can check out his work on his Stonechain website.

Dustin Miller

Dustin Miller (Guitars)

Dustin was one of the co-founders of the band Side Chain. His guitar style is diverse switching from melodic to hard-hitting metal in an instant. His sound heavily influences our style. You can check out his work on Side Chain's Youtube.

Stephen Shatzer

Stephen Shatzer (Drums)

Stephen Shatzer was one of the co-founders of Side Chain. Other than drums, he is a recording and mixing engineer, a producer, and creates hip-hop beats. You can check him out on his studio website.

Mike Helmbeck

Mike Helmbeck (Bass)

Mike Helmbeck has been in several bands over the years including Monoxide Project, Catharsis Stoned, Side Chain as well as his solo music Mike Headtrip. His bass lines groove and guitar work is amazing. Check him out on his website.

Against The Cold will be documenting their productions during recording and will be uploaded to various social sites so be sure to subscribe!






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